Valiz@Perimeter: A Publisher Residency

This week we are thrilled to be hosting the Valiz@Perimeter residency at Perimeter Books. As a way of celebrating one of the store's key publishers, we'll be highlighting Valiz's extensive catalogue from July 28 – August 4, in store and online. Three separate talks focusing on the PLURAL series will be premiering on our YouTube channel, and free domestic shipping is available on all their titles during the residency!

Based in Amsterdam, Valiz is an independent international publisher on contemporary art, theory, critique, design and urban affairs. Their books offer critical reflection, interdisciplinary inspiration, and often establish a connection between cultural disciplines and socio-political questions.



The Valiz PLURAL series focuses on how the intersections between identity, power, representation and emancipation play out in the arts and in cultural practices. The volumes in this series aim to do justice to the plurality of voices, experiences and perspectives in society and in arts and design. The volumes address historical, present and future meanings of these positions and their interrelations, layering and diversity. PLURAL brings together new and critical insights from cultural and social researchers, theorists, artists, arts professionals and activists.

To learn more about each book in the series, join us for two short introductions to Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms and Shame! and Masculinity, ending with a longer audio interview for Design Struggles.

Talk 1: Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms
Editor of Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms Katy Deepwell provides an introduction to the publication, while contributors Teresa Albor, Laura Malacart and Camille Waring discuss their individual chapters within the book.

Find the book here


Talk 2: Shame! and Masculinity
In this two-part video, Maaike Meijer first interviews the editor of Shame! and Masculinity Ernst van Alphen about the context of the publication and the exhibition alongside it. Following this, contributing author Wahbie Long and Ernst van Alphen discuss Long's chapter 'Shame, Envy, Impasse and Hope: The Psychopolitics of Violence in South Africa'.

Find the book here

Talk 3: Design Struggles [Audio only]
In this 30-minute interview, design educator and contributing author Nan O'Sullivan discusses her chapter 'Do the Mahi, Reap the Rewards: Working Towards the Integration of Indigenous Knowledge within Design Education' with Melbourne-based design academic Brad Haylock.

Find the book here