Clementine Edwards & Kris Dittel (ed.) – The Material Kinship Reader | Melbourne Launch

Clementine Edwards and Kris Dittel (eds.) – The Material Kinship Reader

Perimeter is delighted to present the Melbourne book launch of 'Clementine Edwards & Kris Dittel (ed.) – The Material Kinship Reader' at 6pm–8pm, Friday March 24 at Perimeter Books (734 High St, Thornbury VIC 3071). The artist Clementine Edwards, one of the book's editors, will be joined in conversation with Amy May Stuart, followed by a casual celebration of the book's release. All welcome!

What does it mean to acknowledge one’s closeness to, enmeshment in or even kinship with the material world? And what does it mean to question family structures – the way they organise, coerce and make deviant certain lifeforms – and dwell in other possibilities of kin-making?

Not just a jolly rethinking of objects or a polyamorous romp through relationships, The Material Kinship Reader reckons with the extractivist histories of materials and the social relations that frame much of contemporary life.

Spanning fiction and theory, the collection of texts expand the idea of an artist’s book by bringing words into conversation with an aesthetic proposition. Clementine Edwards’ artwork is the visual weft to the book’s written net. From colonial conquest to climate collapse, The Material Kinship Reader tells toxic and tender stories of interdependence among all things sentient and insentient.

162 pages, 11 x 16 cm, softcover, Onomatopee (Eindhoven).

Clementine Edwards is a Rotterdam-based artist from Naarm/Melbourne working across sculpture, film, performance, writing and jewellery. Her practice is guided by the ongoing research line material kinship, which thinks material beyond extraction and kinship beyond the nuclear family.