Perimeter x abC Beijing Art Book Fair 2022

Perimeter is excited to return to Beijing for the 7th abC Beijing Art Book Fair 2022July 28–31, held at Beijing Quanyechang Cultural Arts Center. We'll be showcasing Perimeter Editions titles, including Atong Atem – SuratConflict in My Outlook,  Bianca Hester – Groundwork, Regional Bureaucracy, An unreliable guidebook to jewellery by Lisa Walker, and many more from our catalogue. Come by and say hi to Yonny!

In 2022, abC Art Book Fair, with the theme of 'Nomadic and Imagined', invites you to explore and imagine a free-roam adventure. The themed exhibition will occupy the first floor and an exhibition hall on the second floor with three curated selections, seven solo projects/works, three special projects, and one sound project.

The revelation of nomadism today prompts us to be alert to changes in ecology and climate; It represents the possibility of free and loose organisation, flexible and effective action, decentralisation, and breaking boundaries. Through 'nomadis', we can find the 'ligne de fuite' (Deleuze), and find ways to coexist with differences in changing practices, understand the unknown chaos of the world, and let our free imagination reach far and wide.

abC Beijing Art Book Fair 2022
July 28–31, 2022
Beijing Quanyechang Cultural Arts Center