Morganna Magee – Extraordinary Experiences | Book Launch

Please join us for the launch of Morganna Magee – Extraordinary Experiences, the second title from Melbourne-based publisher Tall Poppy Press. Taking place at 4pm–6pm Saturday April 9 at Perimeter HQ (734 High St, Thornbury), the launch will include an artist talk between Morganna and publisher Matthew Dunne, with a signing by the artist and a casual celebration to follow.

This is a free event but reservations are recommended. We hope to see you there!

Morganna Magee’s Extraordinary Experiences encapsulates a world that feels like it is looking back at you. Never a passive mirror, the seductive romance of nature lures us in only for jump scares and that leads to morbid curiosity. Everything seems the wrong type of fragile; one mis-step from a twisted neck or a nameless, quiet death. Tenderness is a form of mortality, not romance.

If this world is a mirror, it sometimes shows us what we don’t want to see. Flashbacks and déjà vu unexpectedly bring back memories we have tried to forget but haven’t been able to. Like your first childhood experience alone in the woods, agoraphobic and terrified, suddenly the menacing and uncaring side of life seems all too real. Nature’s too old, too ancient, has seen too much for one to feel entirely comfortable.

Moving between tension and relief, Extraordinary Experiences is not a quiet reflection of peace among nature, but a snatch of a dream you’re relieved you woke up from before it became a nightmare.

AU$65, 64 pages, 21 x 26.5 cm, softcover, Tall Poppy Press (Melbourne).