Perimeter x Composite Journal #2 ffiXXed studios


Saturday July 4, 3pm–5pm, Perimeter Books

Perimeter is thrilled to present the launch of Composite Journal #2, exploring the work of celebrated Australian fashion label and art project ffiXXed studios.

Published in conjunction with Perimeter Editions, Composite Journal delves into the work and life of a single creative practitioner per issue, teasing out the artist’s practice and its underpinnings from a diverse series of vantages, positions and perspectives.

Following the inaugural issue, which traced the oeuvre of celebrated Belgian photographer Jan Kempenaers, issue #2 explores the output, history and creative philosophy of collaborative fashion label and art project ffiXXed. Based at the foot of Wutong Mountain, outside of Shenzhen, China, the label – which won the International Woolmark Prize in 2014 – is the product of a relationship that is at once personal, creative and propositional. Existing both inside and outside the fashion world, ffiXXed's Australian-raised design duo Fiona Lau and Kain Picken frame their unisex ready-to-wear collections as a context for various investigations into concerns surrounding lifestyle, modes of production, consumption and the limits of the garment as functional object. The issue features contributions from Cameron Allan McKean (TOO MUCH magazine), curator Kim Brockett and several others.

Saturday July 4, 3pm–5pm
Perimeter Books
748 High Street, Thornbury