Perimeter Editions x Photo Australia x Honey Long & Prue Stent | Melbourne Book Launch

Honey Long & Prue Stent – Drinking From The Eye

Perimeter is excited to announce the publication of Honey Long and Prue Stent – Drinking From The Eye as the third title in the PHOTO Editions series, co-published by Photo Australia and Perimeter Editions. To celebrate the launch of the book at NGV's Melbourne Art Book Fair, come along to a panel discussion with the artists, designer Žiga Testen, editor Justine Ellis and commissioning editor Elias Redstone. The launch will be followed by a signing by the artists at the Perimeter table.

Melbourne Art Book Fair
Federation Court, NGV International
180 St Kilda Road
Saturday May 20, 2pm–2.45pm

This is a free event, with no booking required. Full details here.

Drinking From The Eye is the first photobook by Australian artists Honey Long and Prue Stent, and the third in the PHOTO Editions series, co-published by Photo Australia and Perimeter Editions.

Commissioned by Photo Australia for PHOTO 2024 International Festival of Photography, Melbourne, Drinking From The Eye takes the form of an abstracted visual diary, presenting a combination of constructed photographs and detail shots that emphasise the artists’ attention to form, texture and material.

Honey Long and Prue Stent have worked together for the past ten years, developing a practice that traverses photography, moving image, performance, installation and sculpture. Their art is grounded in experimentation between bodies, materials and environments, and creates a space for the animate versus inanimate – the human and other – to interweave. ‘We see the body as a microcosm and are constantly exploring environments to find moments, processes or formations that reflect a feeling or speak to the body in some way,’ the artists explain. ‘We try to find points of connection where the outside world and our inner worlds overlap.’

The body is ever-present throughout Drinking From The Eye, whether literally through a performative interaction, or appearing figuratively in the leaking eye of a rock pool, the plush lips of a sea creature or the tingling tentacles of a sea anemone. ‘From the micro worlds we explore – gardens, rock pools, ponds etc. – hybrid creatures and uncanny moments emerge which speak to desire, fantasy and the urge to see ourselves reflected in the natural world,’ say Long and Stent.

Often referencing historical representations of the female subject, Long and Stent distort and fragment their bodies, creating creaturely hybrids in a constant state of becoming and flux. Dreamlike, fluid, saccharine, gritty and fleshy, they challenge and captivate audiences with powerful imagery that is both subversive and surreal.

56 pages, 28 x 20.8 cm, section-sewn hardcover, Perimeter Editions x Photo Australia (Melbourne).